Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill


Fire up the Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill and start elevating your craft. WiFIRE® puts a world of flavor at your fingertips by allowing you to control your grill from anywhere using the Traeger App. Built to last, the D2® Direct Drive helps the grill maintain precise temperatures with its industry-first brushless motor. Super Smoke Mode and the Traeger Downdraft Exhaust® System deliver superior wood-fired flavor, while double-sidewall insulation keeps the grill running consistently and efficiently, even in cold weather. Get ready to enjoy more flavorful meals right away when you start cooking on the Ironwood 650. 


  • 650 in² total cooking surface
  • 20 lb capacity hopper
  • Two adjustable stainless steel cooking grates
  • Double-wall interior
  • Maximum temperature of 500°F
  • D2 Direct Drive drivetrain
  • WiFIRE temperature control technology
  • GrillGuide technology that provides step by step instructions
  • Meat probe included
  • Stainless steel side shelf
  • Can contain eight chickens, five rib racks or six pork butts
  • Ideal for grilling, smoking, cooking, roasting and braising
  • Size of 46'' W x 27'' D x 48'' H
  • Limited 3 year warranty


The Ironwood Series is defined by top-notch cooking appliances made for people who see the barbecue as a true experimentation object. This series was designed to reach the expectations of the most demanding cooks. 


The pellets that are used as fuel for Traeger’s barbecues are the only reason that explains why food gets such an excellent taste when cooked on their cooking grids. This fact supports Traeger’s thesis that pure hardwood mixed with high heat produces way better results than propane gas and charcoal in terms of flavors. There are no scientific arguments that were carefully examined that can prove that, just observable facts, if we believe what the company says.

Traeger’s barrel-shaped barbecues make acquiring only one device to achieve no more no less than six types of cooking possible. They also give to the most appetizing meals the tenderness, the taste and the colouring that honors the work that was accomplished by the men or the weman that were in charge of preparing them. Do not let their distinguished and rustic look fool you; managing their control buttons is way easier than it appears!